"Cheri Schroeder's ability to facilitate the process of correcting my dyslexia was amazing. I remember losing a job early in my career because of an inability to write down phone numbers in the correct order. I had never been aware that there was any way to change the way my brain functions and had learned coping skills. Ms. Cheri’s ability to show how the Davis®  tools could be used has also translated into improved relationships with others. I am now able to focus my attention on what has been actually said. That especially makes my husband happy! Life has never been better."              --Jeni Brown, age 51

"The Davis program opened doors that were closed to my very bright children and has allowed them to pursue their goals unhindered." --Tiffany Bartell, mother

"The Davis program was difficult, but really fun. It helped me not be so frustrated."  --Hannah Bartell, age 12                  

"The Davis program gave me a chance to do what I really wanted to do—read and write!" --Noah Bartell, age 9

"I can now recognize my anxiety and struggle - and do something about it. And my college GPA has gone up to 3.7 !!!"  --Misty Schroe, age 26

"Start by doing what's necessary,

   Then do what's possible,

      And suddenly you are doing the impossible."

~ St. Francis of Assisi

"Ms. Cheri presented tools to help me on several levels. Her intuitive care belongs only to those rare individuals who have the ability of understanding others combined with the natural – and learned – gifts of teaching and counseling. "

Jeni Brown, client

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