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What is Dyslexia?

Dyslexia is an umbrella term referring to several types of learning disabilities.  Problems with reading, mathematics, and writing are all called "dyslexia".  But these "problems" are actually the product of an amazing type of brain.  Curious to know more about the wonderful gift of Dyslexia?



There is no age limit for the success of these programs. I have worked with people:

ages 9 - 55,

with Dyslexia,

with ADHD,

and it has changed their lives.

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About Our Program

What is the difference?

     At Rise ‘N’ Read, I am proud to provide the programs of the Davis Dyslexia Association International. Their revolutionary approach deals with the root of the problem rather than merely managing the symptoms. In a 30-hour one-on-one intensive program – usually given over a week (as opposed to tutoring for months) – the client learns to correct their disability by using their visio-spatial and kinesthetic abilities. The techniques provided work with the dyslexia instead of fighting against it; the dyslexia is part of the answer.

     The goals of achievement are determined by the client, making every program individually tailored. The tools mastered for focus, perception, comprehension, the control of energy levels, and spatial concept formation using clay, lead to success. Every client begins with some degree of capability; I help them take control and open the doors to reading, writing, math. In a relaxed and fun environment, we unlock the client’s potential.

These programs have a 97% success rate (click here to see the research done). As a powerful alternative that is drug-free, this program serves as the answer for related diagnoses such as ADHD as well!


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